The company has adopted it as a principle to add territories that are suitable for development in this regional scope that is drawn on the vast and strategic real estate portfolio, already included in NET Holding Master Strategy Plan (MSP) which was drawn up in 2007.

The basic criteria such as market conditions, regional preferences, being eligible for development as per the project, etc. shall be taken into account for possible land purchases. The current or future developments in the real estate markets in the world and in Turkey shall also be taken into account and a selective approach shall be adopted.

It has been decided to select the project that is the most suitable one for the relevant region and economic dynamics pertaining to the current real estate portfolios of NET Holding, Net Turizm and Group companies as per MSP and also to determine the most suitable domestic and/or foreign construction company that shall realize the project and finally to apply down payment and revenue sharing logic with respect to the relevant company.

The portfolio of NET Holding consists of specially selected strategic and matchless regions that are eager for development especially in Azerbaijan, T.R.N.C. and Turkey.

NET Holding’s real estate portfolio is very suitable for business place, office, Shopping Mall, residence, villa, mass housing, hotel and holiday village facility construction.